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"Department of Disaster management (DDM) is the National Body for Multi Sectoral coordination and Collaboration in conducting Post Disaster Damage and Loss Assessment. DDM is responsible for collecting and processing SOS form and Damage information using D(damage)-Form from field level. Standing order on Disaster mandates that upazillas and districts collect data on the damages incurred from a natural disaster using two templates known as SOS form and DForm. These Forms, in its current version contain several column data points to be collected. This includes multiple categories of information to be collected, including details such as types of housing, roads, schools, forests, etc.

Project Implementation Officer (PIO) at Upazila level collets damage data as per D-Form from different unions , compiles and input the information through this website. At district level, all upazilas data are compiled, test, approved and send to the DDM. Save time to complete this process via this websites.